We are finally back on the ball. with our .buzz delivery service in the Toronto west end. Hamilton, Brampton are getting ready for Labor day weekend launches. We just completed 3 months and have been the most proper entity in TO since. We are still in alpha testing for drone delivery and covid has accelerated our plans towards that end. We have also started franchisee possibilities, so exciting times. Our .buzz branded delivery ties phones, drones and the dankest high with best prices, highest quality and discreet and speedy delivery . We are on weedmaps for 416.buzz, we have curbside.buzz at st-clair and caledonia for 10% discount on any purchase on our menu

Our best seller has been buzz hash, yes we have the dankest hash in TO, demand proves it.

Our team consists of 2 customer service reps, K and N, and 2 runners, R and D. We also have a by appointment venue open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. As its private and secluded to let the party run, alcohol is served till 2am, with pool table, table tennis and darts to occupy the boys, while live dj's spinning in the new covid era with new genre called plamp, we have introduced plampin.buzz (plants + lamps + pimpin = plampin.buzz) . We will start the party on the 25th and 26th of July with the world's biggest rave Tomorrowland's "Reflection of Love" party at our spanky's private lounge. So keg it is the scoop. You may miss this party, but next one will be a venue for 200 ppl as spanky's is just able to handle 20 to 40 ppl max, so near impossible to get in on this 1st buzz


big love & peace